Gstaad Wedding for Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo

Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo were married at the Palace in Monaco on Saturday August 31, 2013. It was a civil ceremony held privately for friends and family only and not accessible for the public. The religious wedding will follow in December in Gstaad, Switzerland, and can be expected to be private again.

Andrea Casiraghi is the oldest child of HRH Hereditary Princess Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover. His mother is currently heiress presumptive to HSH Prince Albert of Monaco as ruler of Monaco which makes him second in line to the throne. Tatiana Santo Domingo is the daughter of a Colombian billionaire business man. The pair have a son born in spring this year, Sasha Casiraghi.

The religious wedding is planned for December in Gstaad in Switzerland. The Swiss village is a favourite skiing resort for the rich and the famous and was regularly visited by Princess Grace of Monaco. As a wedding venue it is almost as discreet as the Palace in Monaco as the Swiss are notoriously good at keeping secrets.

Gstaad is a famous hub for the socialite world and many personal friends of the Monacan ruling family are regular guests there. The wedding will be the highlight of the coming winter skiing season, no doubt, and fill the chalets and hotels to bursting point with an expected spillover into the neighbouring resorts. While there were no pictures available from the civil ceremony in Monaco, pictures can be expected from the religious wedding.

As the Sasha Casiraghi was born out of wedlock, he currently is not in line for the succession to throne of Monaco. Once the religious wedding in Gstaad is through, the couple will probably instigate the formal legal and religious adoption process to legitimize their son. The process is necessary as Monacan succession is ruled by both secular and religious laws and in this case needs the consent of the Pope. Once these niceties are out of the way, he will be third in line in the Monacan succession.

As Andrea Casiraghi holds no title following the express wishes of his mother, Tatiana will not hold any title either, nor their son Sasha.

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