Boredom Never Dies: The Duchess of Windsor

A new biography on the Duchess of Windsor manages the impossible: It is more boring than her and of even less consequence. The only amusement to be gained from it is following up the constant contradictions contained in it. 

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Prince George, Prince William's Predecessor as Duke of Cambridge

Prince George Duke of Cambridge was the last holder of the title before Prince William. He led an extraordinary life for his time. He had a most successful army career; he had firm beliefs on how it should be run to which he stuck without fail. His views on private life were no less firm and highly unconventional. 

HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Lady Nelson: This is Fanny’s Story

The story of Lady Nelson is not told often enough, as everyone seems to be captivated by Lady Hamilton. But her story is worth telling as well, one would think. It is nice, therefore, that her biography has been republished after 25 years. 

Fanny Nesbitt Lady Nelson

Shi Hu, the Hospitable Emperor

Shi Hu called himself Emperor of China; a charming affectation that expressed his ambition of once ruling all of China. To impress his guests, he put up lavish display and served only the best at his table. Tale of his banquets survived, his ambition died with him.