King Solomon's Alchemy

Archaeologists are constantly digging deeper in Jordan. As they do so, more light is shed on the historical time when King Solomon reigned over the Kingdom of Israel. A copper mine found 40 years ago was proven to date back to the 10th century B.C. It provides a probable solution to Solomon’s filled treasuries on grounds of a well-known alchemy formula called commerce. 

Riches Are The Problem in Europe's Youngest Monarchy

Pope Francis announced a first decision in the scandal surrounding the controversial Bishop of Limburg Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst: The German bishop will remain in office for the time being but may no longer exercise his office. Is this the end to a much-discussed church scandal? It should be the start of some soul searching for a very rich church pledged to help the poor and the needy.

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst

Royal In-laws: Prince Philip's Mother

For most of us, the Duke of Edinburgh has been around for a lifetime. If asked, no one could be more British than he; and his unique sense of humor has become an epitome of what it means to be British. Like consorts before him, his family history is not always straight forward; and his mother was an original of rare quality: Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Princess Alice of Battenberg and family

Rent a Kent

How are the old woman and her even older man earning the money for their £120,000 rent? Already, these old age pensioners are facing severe deprivations. Princess Pushy and her Prince Michael of Kent have to cope with unfair businessmen and a critical Royal family, not to mention the bloodthirsty media and unfavourable public opinion.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

Princess Irmingard of Bavaria (1923 to 2010)

Princess Irmingard of Bavaria was a granddaughter of Bavaria’s last king Ludwig III. In 2000, she published her memoirs about her childhood and the Second World War. She received the Price for World Peace from the Brücke 7 Foundation for her engagement in keeping the memory about the Holocaust alive. 

Irmingard Princess of Bavaria

Princess Pushy and a Matter of Rent

Princess Pushy, also known as That Austrian, and her husband, Prince Michael of Kent, have finally agreed to pay a paltry £120,000 rent for their apartment in Kensington Palace. And to pay it themselves, not have it paid by the Queen as hitherto. It has to be noted, though, that this rent is still heavily subsidised by the tax payer. 

Princess and Prince Michael of Kent