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When Monarchs Abdicate

When Monarchs abdicate, then there usually is title conundrum. The exception can be found in the Netherlands due to its unique constitution and in Andorra with its foreign princes. But all other European monarchies are basically unprepared for such an event. This leads to some curious situations. And some questions are never quite officially answered because there is no answer (yet).

Queen Maxima, Princess Beatrix, King Willem-Alexander

King Albert II of The Belgians Feels The Pension Pinch

Are you retired and have to live on a state pension without subsidy by private pension schemes? If so, you will understand the predicament of King Albert of the Belgians after he retired in July 2013. It is quite obvious that the meager handouts from the government are leaving him and his wife Queen Paola destitute and freezing in a hovel.

King Albert II of the Belgians

Parentage Lawsuit Against HM King Albert of the Belgians

Delphine Boel lodged a lawsuit in Belgian courts against King Albert of the Belgians. She claims to be a love-child from one of Albert's numerous extramarital affairs. She wanted to get at him before, and failed; then she tried his children. Now she retracted the lawsuit against them and restarted her initial try. And none of these twists and turns has anything to do with her case.