New Law for Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

What is the role of the Queen in the Netherlands? (Hint: The Netherlands currently has no queen.) Who succeeds King Willem-Alexander in case of his death? And how to go about it if that successor is only 10 years old? Should she be taken out of school to be bored by the likes of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin? The Netherlands obviously have a constitutional crisis.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Popes’ List With Basic Information in Book Form

If you have a desire for (almost) complete lists, then there is a book that will being you the Popes in chronological order. As there were quite a few of them, the information on each of them is limited and sometimes anecdotal. But it is enough if you have to keep up with some Catholic small talk at the next reception in the Vatican.

Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

The Queen Silvia of Sweden Rap

HM Queen Silvia of Sweden is going to be 70 on 23 December. Celebrations have been sprinkled all over advent in December as the queen intends to spend the birthday proper with the family in preparation for Christmas. One such event was held at the Oscar Theatre in Stockholm, and the show contained an extra surprise for her.

Royal Christmas Traditions

Many Royal Christmas traditions we can think of are actually much younger than expected. But some are older than we were told, too. In his book A Royal Christmas published by Elliott & Thompson, Jeremy Archer traces the influence the British Royal family had on the way Christmas is celebrated in the United Kingdom. And in other countries other Royal families are leading in defining Christmas traditions.

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Prince Daniel